Portion Control Plates

Portion Control Plates make eating well as simple as 1-2-3. No more guessing or wondering how to eat for losing weight. No more trying to survive on salads. Feel satisfied after meals and still lose weight.

This 3-part plate makes meals easy.

• Protein – usually meat, fish, could be beans.

• Vegetable – vegetables (self-explanatory), could also be beans (legumes).

• Carbohydrate – bread, rice, pasta, and starchy vegetables like potatoes or corn.

Click here to pick vegetables and carbs that are low on the glycemic index. There are tons to choose, but you’ll notice many people’s “favorites” are on the high glycemic side.

Bonus! Did you notice I also put the silverware and napkin with the plate? You can use this to show how to properly set the dinner table. Kids love this and will quickly learn how to set the table and what should be on their plates, too! Click on the plate to print it out.

Do you see the three parts in these examples?

Left – Protein=chicken, Vegetable=carrots, Carb=roll
Middle – Protein=canadian bacon, Vegetable=tomato, Carb=whole wheat english muffin
Right – Protein=steak & scallops, Vegetable=green beans, Carb=corn (starchy vegetable)

I just love this way of planning meals.

Now you know what to put on your plate.

Another “handy” tip is knowing the right portion sizes.

Click here to get a little more information about portion sizes.

“MyPlate” by the U.S. Government

The U.S. government has come out with their own portion control plate. Big improvement over the food pyramid, don’t you think? It combines WHAT we need to eat with WHEN and HOW to do it.

You can see the plate has a Fruit section added to it and dairy as the drink. Also, the vegetable and grain sections are larger.

At our house, fruit would probably be a snack or dessert. Dairy would probably be incorporated into our meals through cheese. Just being honest. It’s a good lesson that we don’t have to always eat perfectly.

There is room to adjust for YOUR lifestyle.

The Secret to Feeling Full is . . . FIBER

But are you like the guy on the tv commercial who tells his wife, “Fiber makes me . . . sad.”

That’s why I love these portion control plates. Even if you just add some carrot sticks, you’re putting something into that “vegetable” portion. When you add vegetables or beans, suddenly your meal is substantial.

How substantial is a cheeseburger, fries and soft drink? Not very – that’s why you feel like you need to eat more.

If we have cheeseburgers for dinner, we add a side of carrot sticks, baked beans or maybe fresh green beans. Do my kids eat a great big portion of them? No, but at least they have some and are learning how to put together a good meal.

To help you start finding your favorite vegetables and ways to prepare them, here are recipes for our favorite sides (look to the right column). We have these over and over again. They are easy to keep around and easy to make.

Another way to increase your fiber is to choose better breads and rice. Brown rice is easy to find now. If you can’t stand anything besides white bread, click here for our ideas to gradually change your tastes to whole grains.

Make a Goal to follow the Portion Control Plate

Want to give it a try? Feel free to print out material from this page for your personal use. I found it an easy transition to make our meals Portion Control Plates.

When I was first introduced to this kind of “plate,” it took a lot of pressure off me for meal planning.

Do you ever feel like you should just be eating lettuce salads to lose weight? I can’t stick with that.

It also showed me how to keep eating some of our favorite foods. I had decided to not serve my family white potatoes or corn anymore. But these portion control plates show how you can still have those foods; just make sure you have a vegetable and protein with it.

It’s all about keeping your blood sugar even (not spiking up then plunging down). Vegetables and protein help with that.

Learning a Portion Control Plate will be very “Handy” in controlling your weight!